The Power of Positive Deviance

Think of the toughest problems in your organization or community. What if they'd already been solved, and you didn't even know it?


In this inspiring and paradigm-shifting book, Richard Pascale, Jerry Sternin, and Monique Sternin turn conventional ideas about problem-solving upside down and reveal a counterintuitive new approach. Their advice? Harness the power of "positive deviants"—the few individuals in a group who find unique ways to look at, and overcome, seemingly insoluble problems.


Positive deviants see solutions where others don't. And they're the key to spreading and sustaining needed change.


With vivid, first-hand stories of how positive deviance has alleviated some of the world's toughest problems (including malnutrition in Vietnam and staph infections in hospitals), the authors illuminate this approach's core principles and practices, including:


  • Initiating an open, curious inquiry into the nature of the problem
  • Using innovative behaviors to shape new thinking, rather than vice versa
  • Confounding the organizational "immune response" seeking to sustain the status quo


The Power of Positive Deviance unveils a powerful new way to tackle the thorniest challenges in your own company and community.


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